“Little drops of water, 

Little grains of sand, 

Make the mighty ocean, 

And the pleasant land. 

So the little moments, 

Humble though they be, 

Make the mighty ages, 

of Eternity.”

– Julia A. F. Carney 

Like the oceans, land and history, we are shaped by the little things in our lives. Some of these little things find a home in the depths of our unconscious and come back to us randomly in moments of stillness. Others, reach impact as they occur. As our lives get busier, we are allocating less and less time towards reflecting on the everyday. If we take a moment to ponder on the little things, we can often find value in them. Reflecting on the ordinary to find the “extra” is the premise of The Ponder. 

The Ponder is focused on putting forth insights and contemplations that you can relate to and/or seek inspiration from. By presenting value in little things, The Ponder aspires to encourage personal growth, optimism and gratitude.